Holocaust Memorial at the Mandell JCC in West Hartford and plaster model of same sculpture. Elbert Weinberg collection, Hartford History Center, Hartford Public Library.

  • Geer's - Exploring Hartford

    Known affectionately and simply as “Geer’s,” Geer’s Hartford City Directories were published annually for nearly 140 years..Read More..

    Hartford History Center Closed on Sept 26

    Hartford History Center will be closed to the public on Friday, September 26 from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. For research questions, please call 860-695-6317, email us at or visit the Main Desk on the Main Floor of the Downtown Library. Thank..Read More..

    Remembering the Hartford Circus Fire 70 years later

    Even after 70 years, the tragedy of the Hartford Circus Fire haunts the city still. Having raged through the July 6, 1944, performance of.....Read More..

  • The Legacy of Horace Wells

    The science of modern dentistry produced significant advancements in procedures and instrument design in the years 1650-1850..Read More..

    Meet the Hartford History Center Advisory Committee

    Get an introduction to the people keeping Hartford’s history alive.

    Portrait of a Hartford Artist

    Hartford Public Library is now home to four Elbert Weinberg original sculptures - and by no mere coincidence...Read More..

  • Exploring the link between genius-level creativity and mere madness

    Award-winning journalist and biographer Joshua C. Kendall will examine the life of American lexicographer Noah Webster – and the possibility that his extraordinary accomplishments were inspired by a touch of madness..Read More..

    Those Missing Faces

    In April 2012, the Hartford Public Library put on permanent display “The Early History of Hartford” by the renowned painter and Pulitzer Prize winner Rudolph Zallinger in its The American Place (located on the Main Floor)..Read More..

    October 9 Book Launch at HPL

    Independent historian and writer Anne Farrow will launch her new book The Logbooks: Connecticut’s Slave Ships and Human Memory with a party and a reading at the Hartford History Center at Hartford Public Library on Thursday, October 9...Read More..