Marilyn Parkinson Thrall Postcard imageARTWALK OPENING:
Marilyn Parkinson Thrall,
The Dress / Memory and Metaphor

Friday, March 16, 5:30pm

ArtWalk Gallery, 3rd Floor
Hartford Public Library
500 Main Street, Hartford

Please join us on the ArtWalk for the opening of our latest ArtWalk exhibit: “The Dress / Memory and Metaphor” by Marilyn Parkinson Thrall.

Excerpt from the Artist Statement:
The memory of a dress can trigger a visual image of someone we once were. Like an old photograph, the dress becomes a recollection of that “public persona.”

I use the dress as sculpture, void of the figure, as a facade between my public and private self. Using very little color, the sculpture becomes ghost-like in quality – the ghosts of my former being. Like the memory of a time and place, a dress can also stand as a metaphor of perceptions that you have had – who you once were and have become.

The work in this exhibition is a culmination of many years interpreting the various stages of a woman’s life. It is a journey to befriend all the people I once intended to be. I find by sharing my story, what is intimate becomes universal. It is not only a reflection of my past, but of the women that are inspirational components of my own life.