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Exhibit runs through April 27, 2018

Albany Branch Library
1250 Albany Ave, Hartford

In February of 2016, the Hartford History Center at Hartford Public Library’s project, So Much More Than a Month, highlighted the lives of African Americans who made a difference in the Hartford community. In 2017, we asked area artists, of all ages and working in all media, to create portraits of these black visionaries and change-makers in our city.

The resulting prints were exhibited in the Hartford History Center from February 2017 through the summer and for each day of the month of February, posted on the Hartford History Center’s Instagram (@hartfordhistory) and Facebook page. Enjoy a selection of prints at the Albany Branch Library selected by Albany Branch staff featuring:

Arthur Lyman “Shrimp” Johnson (1918-1999) Portrait by Julie Bergeron
Bessie M. Proffitt (1898-1973) Portrait by Alexia Lalande
Boce W. Barlow (1915-2005) Portrait by Josh Michtom
Charles “Butch” Lewis (1944-2015) Portrait by Andre Rochester
Walter “Doc” Hurley (1923-2014) Portrait by Joe Young
Edythe Taylor (1897-1969) Portrait by Lindaluz Carrillo
Ella Brown (1918-1984) Portrait by Haben Abraham, LCSW
Ella Little Cromwell (1918- 2006) Portrait by Jasmyne Countryman
Gwendolyn Clarke Reed (1912-1974) Portrait by Constanza Segovia
Laura Wheeler Waring (1887-1948) Portrait by Zulynette Morales
Lucy Cooper Summers (1920-1995) Portrait by D. Racine
John B. Stewart, Jr.(1930-2015) Portrait by K. Grant