Hartford Artisan Weavers: Not Your Grandmother’s Weaving

EXHIBITION RUNS: August 5 – September 28, 2019
MEET & GREET THE WEAVERS: Monday, August 19, 11am

Glass Cases outside Hartford History Center, 3rd Floor
Downtown Hartford Public Library

This exhibit takes the tried and true structure of traditional weaving patterns and amps them up in new and unexpected ways through the use of color, texture and other elements, says Katie Glass, Executive Director of Hartford Artisan Weavers, a non-profit community dedicated to enriching lives through hand-weaving. The scarves, towels, shawls, wall hangings, and other items on display are the creations of 36 artisans, all of whom have low vision, no vision or are over 55 years of age.

The design of each item varies with the skill level of each artisan. Some are new to weaving while others have been weaving for years. Center Creative Director Fran Curran and a team of volunteers, worked with each artisan to discover how they wanted to stretch their skills, says Glass. Designs incorporate a mix of non-traditional fibers including silk, the plant fiber Tencel, and chenille, she says.