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In the Public Realm:
Hartford Public Library, 125 Years

On display through September 29, 2018

“Much of all that we see to be possible we may not be able to realize.  It needs a good deal of money to run a free public library at all.  It needs, we fear, more than we shall have, to conduct it as it ought to be conducted.  We are, however, content that a beginning is to be made, confidently expecting that means will be found to carry this beginning further, until the results obtained are approximately commensurate with the great possibilities it is so easy to perceive.”

Edward D. Robbins, Hartford Public Library Board President

The 52nd Annual Report of the Executive Committee of the Hartford Library Association, June 1, 1890

125 years ago, on May 9, 1893, with a majority vote by the Connecticut General Assembly, the Hartford Library Association became Hartford Public Library. Nurtured by a progressive library board and staff, and sustained by the city it serves, the Library evolved into a dynamic, responsive public institution. This is its story, as chronicled in its annual reports.