We recently received an inquiry about the bricks on Pratt Street.  Our customer contacted the HHC in an effort to locate the brick that was inscribed as a memorial to her father.  In 1988, in an effort to raise money to revitalize the street, the Hartford Downtown Council, several companies, and the Connecticut Department of Transportation sold bricks that could be inscribed with up to 28 characters and cost $45 each.  More than 40,000 bricks were laid, recreating a 19th Century streetscape.

We were in luck that one of the Hartford Public Library staff, who in the past had tried to discover the location of a brick for another customer but had “hit a brick wall” and was unsuccessful, suggested we contact the Hartford Guides, who put us in touch with the Hartford Business Improvement District.  With their help our customer was able to locate the brick.

The information meant a lot to her, and we were very happy to help.