“The Malady of the Quotidian”: From Wallace Steven’s The Rock to Susan Howe’s The Quarry

Wednesday, October 10, 3:00pm
Center for Contemporary Culture, Downtown, 500 Main Street, Hartford

Come hear Marjorie Perloff, Professor Emerita, Stanford University, speak on the topic.

We often think of Wallace Steven’s poetry as being abstract and difficult, but, as another great Connecticut poet teaches us in her recent prose poem, The Quarry, Stevens has an uncanny sense of the everyday – especially the everyday of weather and seasonal change – of the bleak light and bare boughs of winter, that, in this poet’s imagination, take on a special magic and unique perspective. Howe’s own poem builds on citations and images from the late Stevens to create an equally imaginative – but also very different – personal landscape of memory and desire. His “Vacancy in the Park” becomes her “Vagrancy in the Park” – a delicate and compelling transformation that makes us see Hartford’s Elizabeth Park and related sites anew.

This event is co-sponsored by UConn Hartford; the UConn Humanities Institute; the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Program; the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; the Department of English; the Aetna Chair of Writing; and the Hartford History Center at Hartford Public Library.